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Friday, January 27, 2023

Room Camping Christmas Dinner

Day 4 - "You there, boy, what day is it?" I shouted out the open window from our Wynn room down to the charming boy, the intelligent in the street.

"It's Christmas Day!"

"Oh good, then I haven't missed it!" What a remarkable boy!

I tossed him half a crown and told him to fuck off home and get his weevily ass off the 18th green.

I'd had a terrible night with the COVID. I had 3 or 4 hours of fever dreams in which I did small repeating tasks hundreds of times, and snippets of talking repeated over and over. I woke up and took about 19 drugs. I was feeling so bad I couldn't sleep, so I wrapped up in one of the complimentary robes and simply sat in a chair for an hour, watching the Quad Queen sleep and studying the curtains.

After the horse pills and Tylenol kicked in, I managed to get back to bed and get some sleep.

We were clearly going nowhere today, but that was okay - we had plenty of provisions, a casino downstairs if I felt up to it, and plans for an elaborate Christmas dinner. There were also plans for lolling around, napping, complaining, flipping and spinning in bed, and watching TV.

And, it was a beautiful day, through the glass anyway.

I took a really long shower, got into some clean clothes (including my Christmas Socks), and managed to get the FireStick working on the Wynn TV. I had to go six levels deep into the secret advanced menus to be able to select the HDMI input (not knowing that such a selection is prominently presented on the main menu of the Wynn TV Interface).

My Christmas Socks

I put Scrooge on and then Charlie Brown, and we loafed around the room, basking in the familiar soundtrack that has provided comforting entertainment for so many Christmases past. I briefly danced like Shermy, head bobbing left and then right. Then I moped around the room. That's moped, not mo-ped.

We both crashed out again after some snacks and I slept fitfully for a couple of hours before the COVID fever reared up.

More Tylenol.

Now I found myself back in the chair, but this time with a view out the window to watch. I simply waited for the Quad Queen to wake up. And pondered this piece of ditto-art.

This person has two right feet. And is 87% legs and arse.

I was getting super hungry but my brain kept flipping through the rolodex of ideas endlessly and I couldn't settle on the simplest path to get something to eat. 

My mind was circling, and I was so, so hungry. I couldn't figure out the simplest thing.

One thing I did know was that we had to get more ice into the cooler bags.

When Mrs. Flusher woke up I took it on. It was a triumph to get a small bucket of ice for drinks. Then I did the two huge Rubbermaid pitchers.

And then I had a rest.

And then I'd had enough of the Wynn's awful pillows. I hate these things and I've always hated them. You puff them up and then in 6 seconds your neck is flat against the mattress.

I worked up enough impetus to finally get the spare foam pillow from the little 'extra bedding' garage in the closet - only to find it wasn't foam, it was another stupid sack of down flat-ass headache pillow. Fuck that.

I got on the Wynn Blower to Wynn Central and demanded another type of pillow.

It arrived and it was just the ticket - the largest pillow anywhere. This gigantic pillow is known as the Sequoia Pillow. It is cut from 300 metre tall Sequoia Pillow Trees that date back at least 29 centuries. 

We also had to do a water run to the car. I managed to get saddled up and got that done. Then more Tylenol. I didn't want to go to a restaurant for takeout for a meal and finally just ate some punishment cheese.

I'd had a grand plan to drive to Von's for some great turkey, but there was simply no way.

I drove myself to bed instead, while the Quad Queen worked on our Christmas dinner.

And what a feast it was!

Room Camping Christmas Dinner

You are looking at Room Camping Christmas Dinner, with turkey (slices), gravy, crudites (olives, red pepper, bing cherry tomatoes from the Crooner Valley, and oh hell yes, STUFFING!!!!!

I had a drink before dinner, ate a beautifully prepared Christmas Dinner, and felt okay enough to mask up and give the casino a try.

It was kind of nasty, it smeared my spectacle, my fast was roasting, I was hot, felt like I couldn't breathe - it it kept the smoke down and others marginally safe.

I played $60 in dollar Bonus Poker, got zip. I played quite a bit on Keno.

My notes say I played $80 on dollar Boner Deluxe, and it was gone in 2 minutes, which seems to be typical for me lately on dollars. My last $20 was on Triple Double Bonus, gone in a minute.

That's $300 gone in an hour. I sulked my way back to room while QQ stayed downstairs and played.

Yay Quad Queen!

Quad Queen -$240 Day -$340 trip

Flusher -$300 Day -$500 trip

Combo -$910 on the trip

This Little Golden Book belongs to and is dedicated to Franknic and Denise S.H.!


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    2. Oooooh royal. I realize this is far more painful for you but reading it is very hard. Course, you had to get this crap while in LV. Makes it worse no doubt. Hopefully some recovery arrives very soon and you can “enjoy” some time yet in LV.


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