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Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Wynn's Renovated Rooms - Good Enough for Gordie Howe

Day 3 part 2 - Thank goodness it was a straight shot up the strip to Wynn. I was dead. And the RAV 4 smelled dead.

I was pretty out of it, just able to find enough concentration to take my time and stop at the green lights.

We arrived at Wynn at about 11:30 am. I got an amazing parking spot, just 12 spots down from the doors on level 3, in the first row of cars. This was important because of the Sherpa duties I'd have to perform.

We took the mission critical stuff with us, left the rest, and went and checked in.

Obscured because I'm in the Witless Protection Program

As was expected, the room wouldn't be ready for a bit. But our two back to back two night Wynn Slots reservations were linked, and we'd keep the same room for all four nights. With no room to go to, there was nothing for it but to keep my mask on, and wait patiently in the casino.

We played some video poker, not winning, not losing. The Quad Queen got on the board (of course) and I was just poking along, wishing I was in bed.

It wasn't too long before Wynn texted letting us know the room was ready. Yay! It was maybe 1:00pm?

Back to the lobby, we got the room keys, and then we hit the parking garage to haul up our suitcases and as much drink and food as we could manage.

I unlocked the RAV 4 and pulled open the hatch at the back. Oh my God, it smelled like a disturbed gravesite inside.

"There's no denying it. This is a murder car," I said to the Quad Queen. "But it does handle pretty well."

We managed the trek, dodging the hordes of people in the casino walkways who are there for the sole purpose standing in a group in the way of everybody, particularly me. It happens every time. I think the larger groups of morons pay extra to stand right in the middle of where the walkways from Encore and the lobby cross the walkways to the shopping and the room elevators cross.

The job got done and I opened up the newly renovated room. And it was beautiful.

I went and got fresh loads of ice to keep our goods cool, come back to room and found out the icy finger of the Grim Death Stench Reaper had pointed at our room - the murder car stench had followed us.

"It's here," I said.

"It is?"

"Yes. The evil sickly sweet smell of putrified victim parts is here. It's here in this room. Come into the bathroom."

And the QQ agreed. We were now haunted by the flesh plunderer of the rental RAV 4.

"Oh how I miss that damn Jeep!" Words I never thought I'd utter.

"We have to think. THINK!" said the Quad Queen. "The smell was there. In the car. It was definitely there. And now... now it's here."

"What could we possibly have bought that could smell like the killing floor at the weenie plant?"

Of course.


She opened the bag and sure enough, a bunch of the leaves were soggy and rotting.

"No problem, I'll sort through these, get rid of the bad stuff, and thoroughly wash the still good florets, and then dry them."

I had my doubts but she got busy. The bad stuff got hermetically sealed in a ZipLoc evidence food storage bag.

Meanwhile, I made a second trip to the parking structure to get more drinks and such. When I got back to the room, and held the door open. The miasma was palpable.

Just then, the neighbors across the hall left their room.

Great. They thought the stench oozing into and assaulting their nostrils was from me.

"It still reeks in here. It's no better. Where's the broccoli?"

"It's laid out on a bath towel."

And it was, laid out neatly like little green alien blobs of ooze on a luxury bath sheet in the tub.

"It's got to go," I said. Even in my COVID impinged state, I knew we'd never get rid of the smell until we got rid of the broccoli.

We bagged it and I took it to the elevators, and just as I was about to dump it in a garbage can in the foyer, some guys got off the elevator and looked at me.

"Please, don't fucking ask," I said, and dropped it in.

We made sandwiches, which were delicious.

I had a long rest. A really long rest. Into the evening, I had enough energy to put on a mask and go back to the casino for a while.

And we had a great time. I even summoned the power of Gordie Howe to get a 5 out of 5 keno hit.

I also summoned the power of stupid me and gave it all back because I'm stupid and greedy and was loaded on casino Maker's Marks.

We retired back to the room and it smelled like the Wynn Death Camp. It's the broccoli towel.

I took the towel and dumped it in the hallway outside the staff elevator door. I'm a dick.

It was time to load up on pharmaceuticals and try to get some sleep.

Quad Queen +$40 Day  -$120 Trip

Flushiepants -$160 Day -$250 Trip

Combined -$370 on the trip

Dedicated to Dirty Waitress (thank you for all the likes and retweets!) and T.H. (thank you for the ongoing ko-fi support!).

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