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Sunday, February 5, 2023

Aloha Mahalo Aloha

Day 7 - and time to say goodbye to Wynn, and hello to the Cal.

As you may (or may not) recall, my host moved on from the Cal, bless her, and recommended me to a new young fella, who is eager and helpful. In spite of my official stats at Boyd putting me in the 'no free rooms for you' category, my short term play says otherwise in the eyes of this host, and rightly so.

The upshot is he's taken care of me no problemo and this trip was no different. A quick email, and our room was all set up, comped, no resort fee.

This helpful young fella' receives my full admiration and support, my gratitude is always appropriately expressed, and I think it's the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

I was feeling pretty good - my last test showed only the faintest of pink lines, and I was sliding down the backside of COVID into the musky crease of good health.

Dawn broke into what looked like a much nicer day, everything looked uppity optimistical. Here we were on day 7 and we were practically even. I felt good, we were heading downtown, what could possibly go wrong?

We took our time at Wynn, packed up, and right on the dot of 11:00, moved out.

As we shlepped stuff to the Broccoli-mobile, I saw something that was so beautiful, so inspirational, that I was literally awestruck. I dropped to my knees in supplication to the Gods that I might one day have the prowess to execute the kind of brilliance I was staring at, the pinnacle, the nadir of room camping.

A bellman pushed a bellcart through Wynn and on to the parking structure, while we tagged along behind. Delivery was right to the guy's vehicle. And on that cart was 87 suitcases, two sets of golf clubs, coolers, guitars, garment bags, and atop all of those was strapped, with bungy cords, a sight to behold - a micro-fucking-wave oven, so big it might have as well been a sweet bastard all chrome Amana Radarange.

I have seen room camping future, and its name is Brought Samsung.

We checked in early at the Cal, no problem, and I thought I'd try to finesse the check-in Sheila a little bit, you know, use my charm.

"So, baby, are you gonna throw a sweet meal book my way or what? I'm a hungry guy, and those coupons sure come in handy when you - heh heh - have an appetite. If you know what I mean."

I rapidly raised and lowered my eyebrows about 19 times in an effort to really pour on the charm.

"Just a minute sir, we'll get you checked in first. We ran out of four day books, so I have to do up two day books for you."

"I understand, it never hurts to ask. I used to - wait, what?"

"Your host set up meal books for you."

"So I can rest my eyebrows now?"

Wow, what a nice surprise! Not only was the room comped, not only was there no resort fee, not only had I not gotten slapped by either the check-in Sheila or my wife, we had comped meals for the stay! MAHALO!

I decided to get smart this time and employ the old bellman up to the room trick. And sure enough, I wasn't too blind to see the one willing to play along. He tagged along up to the 3rd floor of the parking structure and loaded up all the crap I'd normally be hauling like Mick's beast of burden. 

Our room was on the top floor of the Cal. We had a suite up there once, and I started to wonder if we had a suite again, but no, we got a room jammed between two suites. And in fact, it was pretty tight, a little smaller than a standard room.

Most of that top floor is indeed suites, taking up the space of two rooms.

One bonus was that the windows are much much bigger up there, but on balance, it was kind of a shitty room. Things were really run down, and the beds were horrible. The pillows are different, too. I liked the Cal pillows, but they've changed them.

I didn't complain though. Maybe I'm getting more easy going as I mature and mellow. Yeah, right.

The guy arrived with all the stuff and I slipped him a ten-spot. Seemed reasonable for two suitcases, a carry-on tote, and a couple of other big bags, right?

I always like looking out the window in the elevator foyer while waiting for my ride. I check the temperature, gauge the sky, and determine what my future might be, in the clouds.

Time for lunch, using our Aloha meal books!

But wait. I was disappointed to find that the number of menu items covered by the meal books was severely diminished. Basically it was down to Saimin, or a cheeseburger. Goddamn, what is happening, Boyd??? Because there is no lack of business at the Cal. (When we went back for dinner, the line at the coffee shop snaked all the way to the cage, something I've never seen before.)

It came down to one Cal cheeseburger, one teriyaki burger, and two glasses of milk. Not bad. And covered by the coupons.

We played some in the casino, of course, and, well, my notes read "Day 7 move to Cal - debacle", so you can kind of get the picture.

The above is all we had to show for our gambling.

Dinner was (where else) the coffee shop, and with the huge line, we opted for the counter, and even that took 25 minutes. The best part was seeing the guys dessert next to me.

I had the chop steak and the Quad Queen had the Saimin. The chop steak was meh, tasted okay, but it was just room temperature. (This again!!!!!!!!!!!!)

After dinner gambling included a lot of the Quad Queen hammering on Shockwave. She was just wanting to hit that $1000 second quad so, so badly!

She had a couple of shots at it but could never connect. And I, won nothing at all.

The numbers speak whimper for themselves.

Quad Queen -$500 Day -$600 Trip

Royal Flusher -$600 Day -$505 Trip

Combined -$1165 Trip

What had happened?!!

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    1. Oh, I feel the pain. The meals look okay ( better than just punishment cheese) but they sure cut back. Wonder if I wheedle at check in, if they might give me a coupon book. Probably not, since I can’t bat my eyelashes as effectively as you.). From even ground to so far into the pit that you need at least a 10 step ladder to get out…it sounds like you were expecting a ‘hang loose’ signal from the Cal, and they gave you the finger instead.


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