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Saturday, February 11, 2023

The Problem with Gambling

Day 9 - The problem with gambling isn't gambling, it's losing.

Man it hurts. You go through all these gyrations to get to Vegas, running fantasies in your head about what you're going to do, what you're going to play. You go roaring off into the day just to get three flat tires.

When Vegas Goes Wrong

I took very few notes at the end of the trip, and so I have to re-construct the narrative from photographic evidence, and PTSD flashbacks.

So here we go.

In a rare occurrence, the Quad Queen joined me for breakfast, so no need to re-use the old breakfast photo, I have an actual one.

Maybe it's still there, I don't know. Market Street in the Cal.

I bought a keno ticket, because I hadn't yet lost on Keno today. Might as well set that right.

We had a little bash at VP but I'd decided to play blackjack, regardless that the steady diet of $5 double deck pitch games I'd grown up on at the Cal was now $15 minimum, regardless of time of day, and usually going up to $25. The Hawaiians seem to just be taking it. But it has definitely put a damper on my pit play, same dice.

Regardless, I committed $200 to at least see if I could survive. It certainly amped up the adrenalin, because this bet level is a little over my head. I know I was a little under-funded, but what the heck. I went for it.

And I managed to survive two hours. Not only that, I managed to cash out with a little win.

More VP at the Cal and Main Street, and at least hitting a few quads. The problem is, they were hit over a span of three hours.

We were both now seriously in the hole. 

The second best part of the day was winning on blackjack. The best part of the day was this Oxtail Stew I had for lunch.

We played on, and aside from a few quads, the massacre continued.

You might think, well, there are lots of quads there, but I think what you're not seeing is us parlaying to higher denominations like 50 cents and dollars, and the Major Dumperooski that takes it all back including the buy-in.

Dinner was meh. Things have slipped at the Market Street Cafe. It's just not as good as it used to be. I rarely had a dud meal there pre-pandemic, but now every other entree was not up to snuff, whether it was served cold like the Chop Steak, or just ugly, like the Korean Rib appetizer I used to love so much. There used to be a beautiful glaze on these.

The Quad Queen reports the prime rib was so-so and, well, see for yourself above what the meal was like.

I can barely stand to write these kinds of posts, but I guess I have to keep it real.

Quad Queen -$700 Day -$1250 trip

Flusher -$500 Day -$2005 trip

Combined -$3255

Good thing we've got those Aloha coupons and a comped room, that's all I can say at this point.

Big shoutouts to Carol and tje - thank you for your support! You guys rock.

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    1. I'm agreeing with the Market Street Cafe going downhill and will they EVER re-open the California Noodle House!


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