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Sunday, May 21, 2023

Five of a Kind

Wed Feb 15 - Day 2 part 2 and it was time to address the dismal VP selection at Wynn. I had done some research and found that the best paying quarter game is probably Joker Wild aka Joker Poker.

So, before the trip, I fired up the Video Poker WinSimulator 3000 (you remember that, don't you?) and practiced it. Joker Wild is a very different game from what I'm used to, but I kinda liked it.

Anyway, my plan was to play mostly JW when not losing at video keno.

And so we headed down to the Wynn casino to play, play, play!!!

And... we couldn't find a machine open. We had to stand around and wait for someone to leave. And finally someone did, so we started off sharing the machine and taking turns, like a couple of 23 year old newlyweds on their first trip to Vegas. 

A second machine opened up, and I attacked the Joker Wild - and I killed it.

My first ever Joker Poker five of a kind.

I decided to order a Mojito and it was delicious. This would definitely not be the last of the Mojitos.

Meanwhile... where were the Quad Queen's Quads??? Nowhere to be found. She was having a terrible run, while I got dealt a straight flush.

It was time for lunch and a rest, so we headed up to the room to do some Room Camping Cuisine. I think you have to agree we did alllllllllll right.

After lunch I went for ice and found the machine was down. An excuse to have free gratis room service ice sent up. And so it was.

We took a nice long break and then decided to change the Quad Queen's luck by heading to the Encore casino.

Oh, we had a fun session, with lots of cocktails, video poker, slots, and video keno.

Mrs. Flusher got on the board, too, finally.

I was doing okay, but then blew $71 of a hundy in Top Dollar in about 2 minutes. But on Quick Hit, I played for half an hour on the rest.

Things weren't going quite so well for the Quad Queen, so we moved around to a different bank so she could lose in a new change of scenery. And I got another Keno hit.

Onward. More play, more drinks, more laughs.

We were pretty loaded and not doing too well. I cashed out when I thought I was even on the day, but I was actually down $100. Math.

The Quad Queen went almost 2 hours without a quad.

On the way back to the room, I spotted a bunch of poker room rolly tables and of course made an ass of myself by putting my balls in a cup holder and rolling around the casino.

Back in the room, we made Mac and Cheese for dinner. It turned out pretty well. The 'Mac' was precooked udon noodles and the 'Cheese' was pre-processed industrial strength pasteurized extruded cheese food product slices.

Mmmmm mmm! If Steve Dangleshorts could just see us now!

Punishment Mac and Cheese

The Quad Queen insisted we were going down to the casino again after dinner, but while I was eating my M&C she crashed hard. And that was that, down for the count.

Quad Queen -$300 Day -$500 Trip

Royal Flusher -$100 Day +$0000 Trip

Combined -$500 on the trip.


    1. Well Flusher, I do as usual have a couple of questions. The extensive study being done about the found 'heads up' lucky coins will continue to collect data for another 5 years. Your experiences can help in the section trying to determine if one person actually finds a coin and places it in another person's bra, whether the lucky aura is fully charged or not. Did your lovely lady place the coin as prescribed before heading down to the casino floor? If she (or you) did not, there will be two possible explanations for the team to explore. Glad that Joker Poker is co-operating to some extent. And you seem to be a very savvy kenonumber picker. . The room camping meals are still looking top shelf...your skills are sure to become legendary.

    2. I never had the chance to play it but there was a Joker Poker paytable in Atlantic City many years ago that at the $5 level paid 125 for 4k and 45 for a FH. If I remember correctly it was 107%. I had a buddy make a lot of money on it over a 6 month period. Then, like all great opps eventually do, it vanished.


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