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Tuesday, June 13, 2023

A Glass Full of Fun

Day 4 Friday Feb 17, 2023 - Part 1

Oh boy, I woke up feeling great but the Quad Queen was way under the weather. She was having crazy gastro problems, sneezing her face off, and when I picked up her face and handed it back, I noticed she also had a nosebleed.

We were hoping for just traveller's issues, and hopefully nothing more than that! 

I relaxed through the morning, taking it easy, and letting the Quad Queen know by my actions that I fully supported her, while in my head, I was screaming, "Casino. Casino. CASINO. CASINO NOW!!! GAMBLE!!!! CASINO!!!!!!!!!!!"

It reminded me of church as a boy, right down to the collection. 

Can you guess what room camping breakfast I engineered? Damn right, a Jimmy Dean breakfast bowl.

After breakfast, I went down to the Wynn casino and had a lovely relaxed session of video poker. They brought enough cappuccinos to make my eyes jitter back and forth uncontrollably like a shifty lawyer.

I remembered seeing an email from Wynn for some kind of kiosk promo, so I went and checked it out. And there it was, the wine glass promo! Freeplay was up for grabs!

It was the Glass Full of Fun promo. After earning enough points for an entry, you pick a wine glass from a set of five on the screen and it tells you what you won. My promo was at the Red level and included prizes up to $50 of freeplay. Bigger players had bigger amounts available.

It was really great! Then I noticed that I was playing on the Quad Queen's card by mistake. We'd decided to do all play on my card, but you know how it is when you have 928 player's cards kicking around.

But this meant I could maybe get the same promo on my card!

I went and played some more and sure enough, I generated more wine glasses full of spondulaks.

We made out like bandits on this promo, it was really worth it and not that hard to earn wine glasses. Kind of unusual for a place like Wynn, but very welcome.

In all I got a total of about $150 on the promo throughout the day.

I love the Wynn casino in the morning. It's such a classy place, and it feels comfortable, in spite of the scale of the place. Other large modern casino floors feel sterile, or like a mall (Resorts World, lookin' at you over there) and I understand a lot of it is because of the high ceilings. Wynn has those fancy dividers hanging above many of the small areas of the casino, and very large lampshaded fixtures over the table games, and they make it feel intimate and less imposing.

Because other gamblers I know gnash their teeth over BUFFFFFFALO!!!!!!!!!!! Ascension, and end up winning, or losing, but still gnashing, I decided to have a gnash bash myself, for the first time ever.

It took me a while to figure out what was going on, but I finally did, and I found myself wanting to trigger the bonuses that were building up, like the Super Stampede.

I finally got a gnash-worthy bonus of my own - the exciting 3x 5x gnash bonus!

Five fucking Fuck You Buffalo cents.
I lost $100. And then I played a second $100. Of course I did. That got to $50 left but many bonuses came along of various sizes and I got back to $150 or so, so down $50 on the game.

But then I hit the Super Stampede and won $192 on that.

Was this a good time to cash out? be continued.

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