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Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Invaders Attack from the Planet Mulas

Day 4 Friday Feb 17, 2023 - Part 2

So there I was, headed back through the Wynn Casino on my way to the room.

My cashout TITO had a weird amount on it and I didn't want to end up dealing anything other than round numbers.

I spotted a cheesy Lunar Lander video slot and thought that's just the machine that Neil Armstrong would play - and since Neil and I have so much in common, I was 'GO' for gambling.

After futzing around for a while I noticed my credits were $326.26. I could play one hand of quarter video poker for $1.25, probably lose, and have a nice even $325 to cash in.

I slid the ticket into the first quarter video poker machine I came across, leaned over, and hit the Max Bet button.

As my uncle Carl used to say, 'by the jees', I got a quad. No kicker though.

Boom, an easy hundred bucks, and I cashed out and headed upstairs up $325 on the day. 

After checking in with the Quad Queen, who was still feeling punk, I headed out for a solo lunch at Tacos El Gordo, just north of Wynn and across from Resorts World.

I got an al Pastor taco, and two al Pastor Mulas.

Mulas is Mexican taco stand for Sloppy AF. Mulas are highly underrated. They have way more meat in them than tacos, and are loaded with gooey melted cheese. I have yet to figure out how to eat one without it disintegrating all over my hands and me.

Eating Mulas is like the nastiest sex you ever enjoyed, only messier.

I thought maybe a plastic knife and fork would do the trick to keeping my hands free of dripping Mulas juices, but in the interests of safety, Tacos El Gordo provides only forks. God forbid a plastic knife fight should break out some Saturday night at 3:30 am.

The Quad Queen fancied some Jameson's so I did a price comparison between Walgreen's, and the House of Homeless Dodgy Strip Liquor and Prison Tattoo outlet, which was doing quite a business, given they sell booze.

Strip Liquor - better prices than Walgreen's

They beat Walgreen's easily, so that's where I bought a bottle of the Irish Social Lubricant, and headed back to the room.

Stuffed to the gills and happy, I took a long break with the QQ. She was still feeling lousy, but went down with me to the casino about 5:00.

I took my TITO from earlier and fed it to a machine to give dollar JW a bash, and hit straight flush and a couple of quads. I worked my ticket up to $700, putting me up $400 on the day.


Wild Pointies

But poor Mrs. Flusher had terrible time. She couldn't hit anything. She had one natural quad on Jokers, and a wild quad, and that was it. She went down $500, and then bailed, heading back to the room.

Let's frame it this way. After having the perfect morning, and a perfect lunch, and then a decent hit on dollar Jokers, everything was lose, lose, lose, which was a shame.

I played some Invaders from the Planet Moolah, which is a super fun game, and had a long run on dollar video keno, but no good hits.

I played quarter multicard keno, lost lost lost, drink drink drink Maker's.

At this point I was actually down on the day $100. I played $100 in dollar Bonus Poker, worked my way back up to $100, and didn't want to lose more than $100 after being up so nicely.

I got another $10 freeplay from the wine glass promo, went back, played that, and cashed it out. Discipline for once, not going deeper in the hole.

Quad Queen -$500 Day -$1000 Trip

RF -$100 Day +$00 Trip

Combined -$1000

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