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Saturday, June 10, 2023

You Can't Always Get What You Want

Thursday Feb 16 - Day 3 part 2

What a great property Red Rock Casino and Hotel is! The casino is modern, but not sterile. It's colorful and warm, the music is decent, and there is tons of stuff to play there. And there are dining options to satisfy every appetite.

The only downside is room comps are hard to generate for visitors.

We found some video poker machines and the Quad Queen seemed to do all right. But since I was in a $600 hole already, I was slow playing it, trying desperately to hit something on dollar video poker.

I'd play a hand, take a sip, look around, watch the Quad Queen, play another hand, change games, scratch my butt, check my phone, play a hand, look around.

It was nothing doing and I lost $100 and then another $100 on dollar video keno. Boy, I was down deep and getting depressed about it.

So, we moved elsewhere in the casino and settled in for what would be quite a long stint. The Quad Queen was getting some hits on video poker, so I hunted around for some desperation slots to play.

I tried a few things and finally got a bit of luck on Buffalo.

I got on this other video slot and managed to play for ages. Finally some things were happening. I'd go down and then hit a bonus. Go down again, hit a bonus.

Eventually, my credits petered out, so I went to find Mrs. F, and she was still plugging away, but down about $200.

I decided to play one more hundy.

The Quad Queen was rewarded with pointies, the $200 win putting her even on the day. Yay!!! That was helpful because I was down almost $1000 (ulp).

I was on the end machine of the bank of progressives. And I was down. It was getting close to zero and I Lazarused a few times, bouncing off the bottom of the credit meter. Some winning hands gave me a bit of running room and the decision was I'd cash out at 400 credits, or if I got another quad.

That way, I could at least salvage something from what was a pretty horrid day, for the most part.

Wouldn't you know it, I worked my way up to 400 credits even.

And I stopped, ready to cash out, showing extreme self control.

"Play some more," said the Quad Queen.

"You think so?"

"Play some more!"

I played Triple Double Bonus, and we chattered on, stopping to concentrate on any 'almost' hand. Like three Aces and a kicker. Or three Deuces. Or a pair of Jacks.

On I played, listening to the Rolling Stones. "You can't always get what you want..."

If you've read this blog for any length of time, you know that music plays a big part in my casino, and travel experience. And sometime, things line up just like a movie soundtrack.

I was thinking about how the song was building and building, reaching an extended climax, and how that would be a fitting accompaniment to hitting a jackpot.

I held two Aces, hit Draw and BOOM just like that, it all filled in! Holy shit! Aces kicker for $1000!!!!!

But if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need - POINTIES!!!!!!!!!!!

I knew I had it just as soon as it was dealt, and I was up out of my seat. "YES!!!!!!"

I pounded my hands on the armrest and got out, put my arms in the air, and jogged a victory lap around the entire bank of machines.

What a great feeling! Back from nothing, my day was saved! These are the moments in Vegas that might only come once a trip, might not come at all during a trip, but make the experience other-worldly. And if you are a degenerate like me, you know just what I mean.

The Stones song was still building, like a rapture, and we rocked out and sang along. I felt like I could ascend through the ceiling except I had to cash out $1,100 - putting me up on the day!

To cement the celebration, we left Red Rock and stopped in at Walmart for supplies.

But as sure as my name is Lucky Day, the people of Santa Poco can conquer their own personal El Guapo, who also happens to be *the actual* packaged El Guapo chilis!

Back in the room, we had drinks, and room camping dinner. Deli sandwiches for the Quad Queen, and heated pulled pork on French bread with dill slices. And it was delicious.

QQ Day +$0 Trip -$500
RF Day +$100 Trip +$100
Combined -$400 after three days.



    1. Congrats! It's nice to finally see those smiling faces!

    2. What a win! That's all you want as a degenerate.

    3. Looking good, Mr and Mrs RF.

    4. Yes yes yes royal

    5. Thought you were going down in flames this day... but a hit like that is why we do this! Can't beat that feeling. -jm


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