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Friday, July 28, 2023

Royal Flusher and the Quad Queen

Day 6 Sunday Feb. 19, 2023 part 2 and we were off to the Plaza, where the Carousel Bar was shaping up nicely.

We found a couple of friendly-looking slant tops and I dug in on Joker Wild. The Quad Queen opted for Boner Deluxe, hunting for quads.

I had a pretty nice run and the Quad Queen couldn't hit anything.

We found some older machines at the Plaza that still have their old CRT screens. The Quad Queen like this and we resolved to return to them at some point, but for now, it was back to the room - we had bidness online.

Enough time had passed since the Quad Queen's 2 night Wynn reservation on the Wynn Slots game that she could book another 2 nights towards the end of the trip. It all worked out, and the reservation was in the bag.

We'd been in touch with Gambletron and Mrs. Gambletron and we decided to meet up for lunch at Magnolia's in the Four Queens.

The infamous Gambletron, and the even more infamous Mrs. Gambletron, my sweet cousin for all these years.

I opted for an experimental Chicken Fried Steak with Country Throw-up Gravy (CTUG) as a lunch entree, instead of my typical breakfast gutbombing. It was just ok, and the vegetables were overcooked to disintegration. 

We caught up as we ate and it was just like old times, except it was new times. And someday those new times would be the old times for the new new times. But the best time was telling Gambletron all about Katrina who loves to call me sugarbaby (or if I've been bad, sourbaby) and how she smothers me with hugs and kisses when she sees me for the first time on a trip.

And as we got in line to pay...


I got my hugs and we had a very quick catchup, and then I introduced her to Mrs. and Mrs. Gambletron and slyly suggested that Gambletron could use some sugarbaby hugs.

Next thing I knew he was being smothered, covered, and scattered like a Waffle House plate of hash browns.

I thrilled at the clearly uncomfortable look on Gambletron's face and felt that no matter what else happened, today was a good day.

We parted ways with the Trons and on a whim, we stopped in at the slot club booth to see what we could get out of them and by the Geez there was $9 cash back for the Quad Queen and $8 for me.

This lasted approximately one minute and 9 seconds in the machines.

More downtown bidness ensued, "cashing in" and old Keno ticket at the D for $15 and getting a new one.

I wanted to check out the goings on in Fremont so we went through there on our way back to the Cal. Lots of changes are going on there.

No visit to the Fremont is complete without a run at the Bonus Poker Super Slutty Times Pay machines outside Lanai Express.

I had a pretty nice little run on the machines, making $120 - but the Quad Queen, bless her, just lost and lost. And it was starting to get to her. And I didn't blame her one bit.

Back at the California, we bounced around the casino and I saw one really nice Keno hit by the guy next to me. I asked him if I could take a photo and he said, "Sure, help yourself!"

I asked him if I could have some of his winnings and he said, "Sure, go fuck yourself!"

Here's that fella's Keno win - NOT MY WIN.

Not my win - but a beauty. Nine out of ten. (So why play ten???)

Couldn't we all use some form of redemption?

QQ in Shockwave mode - she didn't get the second jackpot quad though.

We played long enough and the Quad Queen lost enough that it was eventually dinner time at the coffee shop. Loco Moco for the lady and Teriyaki Chicken for the Flusher.

First time I've ever posted our photos on the blog. Sorry to disappoint y'all.

We ate and took leftovers up to the room, and made some strong travelers for the last push of the day.

Buffalo sucked Buffalo Bills Balls.

The Quad Queen played all kinds of things and I played some slots and we ended with a marathon on Pinchy and Flashy.

I came within a few bucks of getting back even on the day playing 50 cent Joker Poker. I played for a long, long time, and suddenly it crashed on me.

I had been up to $180 and down to $50. Finally went out and I was down $100 on the day. 

We put in another hundred dollars each on dollar Jacks or Better as a last ditch chase. The Quad Queen's machine coughed up a quad but then just dumped and she was out.

I played all day long and was roughly even all day long, and in 5 minutes, it looked like I would finish down $200.

I got quite low on credits but managed to recover and get back up to $140. And I cashed it out. That left me down $140 on the day.

The Quad Queen lost a shitload and was really quite despondent about the trip so far because she had not yet had a winning day. Two break-evens but no winner.

Quad Queen Day -$700 Trip -$1700

Royal Flusher Day -$140 Trip -$640

Combined Trip -$2340


    1. I can't believe you finally posted a picture of you and the Mrs! What a good looking couple. Thrilled to finally know what you two look like.

    2. Awesome to finally see your faces behind the blog. Cheers. A Royal is coming.

    3. Two lovely people- revealed!

    4. So enjoying your trip report as always! Also glad you shared your pictures, you and the Quad Queen are lovely. You were in town during my 2 week trip in February, hope to be able to say hi on a future trip!


    5. Fine looking couple. Always wondered if I might be sitting next to you while playing in LV.

    6. I actually watched the video a few posts back and was surprised to see your smiling faces then. And you thought we didn't notice, hahaha

    7. Nice to see the faces behind the great and funny blog!

    8. Count me amongst the curious who finally now know. Really hope to see you at some pointy.(Y intended) Of course that would likely mean that I start playing VP again. Race schedule has been brutal plus I had to get over some beatings I took at Barona. I think I am ready in that regard. Now just need some time.

    9. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ its about time!!! You magnificent bastard!!!

    10. I'm so glad to finally see your picture. I have followed your blog for years, and enjoy everyone of them!


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