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Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Thank Ms. OK

Day 6 Sunday Feb. 19, 2023 and we were up at 6:00 am because coffee and keno.

We'd both slept well and were ready to greet the new day, with the hopes of turning the trip around, in terms of getting our asses fried in a cast iron pan with ass butter and ass shallots and handed to us on a fine-ass bone china plate, garnished with parsley and a drizzle of olive ass oil.

All this ass cuisine had me hungry so I got my ass down to the Market Street Cafe. I opted for a table with a view of Keno and ordered up my usual.

Meanwhile, the Quad Queen wolfed down some left over (and reheated, thanks to the Hot Shot Pretzel Logic in-room Travel Oven) Loco Moco. She's become an aficionado of that wonderful Island breakfast.

I ordered my usual two over hard with sausage, hash browns, and wheat toast. 

I suppose I could post the same photo of breakfast over and over each day, so you can get the idea.

Like a growing lad (well, growing outward at the waist), I demolished (or 'wrecked' as chris_cnote would say) my meal and here's proof.

That's a $17.32 savings on breakfast by using my Aloha coupon book. Thank you to the unfortunately named but very lovely server Ms. OK.
Next stop, of course, was the front desk, where I quickly dealt with the spurious multiple $6 bell desk tips that had again appeared out of nowhere. The lobbyist at the desk seemed to be very familiar with the problem. Was this buggy software or a cash grab against those that don't look at the folio carefully?

I'm inclined to think it was poorly written software, not that computers ever do much wrong, but it's still a slim possibility.

That sorted, next stop was the Keno lounge to see who had died there overnight. I must have missed the pickup crew because no expired Keno players were evident. Not many can take the hyper-adrenalin rush of the live Keno action at the Cal.

My keno ticket was still in play, which was good, because I'd won SFA. Sweeeeeet fuck all.

So! On to the video poker, a fresh start, a new day, and a bunch of test holes to find the lucky, lucky machine.

I played $20 in five different slant tops, all quarter Bonus Poker. Some lasted only a minute or two. On one I had 13 losing hands in a row. So much for getting off to a great start.

Next up was up was $100 in 50 cent Super Double Bonus on Pinchy. It played great, and I got lots of fulls house to keep me in it. After about half an hour of staying above even, I dropped to $50 left. I was very close to being down $200 before the day really got started.

I was just pleading with the video poker goddess for quad Jacks, Queens, Kings, or Aces. Jack, Queen and King quads are worth $300 on this game at 50 cents, and the Aces are worth $400.

Finally, finally I hit a quad. And just a few minutes later another one. But not the good ones though.

I cashed out $240, up $40 on the day. That stinked of winning to me!

Keno stanked though, I was granted by the great and powerful Wizard of Keno balls the following:

"No Win".

With all the stanking going around, it was time for a shower. It thought it would be best to head back to the room to do that.

With the Quad Queen ready to go, and me clean, fed, and watered, our plan was to hoof it over to the Plaza, and later, to have a special lunch with none other than Gambletron and Mrs. Gambletron, who I've known since I was, well, born.

There's nothing - nothing - like family.

And there's nothing - nothing - better than family than family that gambles.

More to come!


    1. Wait....your breakfast server was named "Kum OK" and you just let that pass? That's some savvy self control!

      1. Believe me, I was tempted. But she's really nice, so I kept my powder dry.


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