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Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Vegas Gives Back

The support from the Vegas community (that's you) has been unbelievable. Bobby G's livestream was a huge success, and so many contributed their time, efforts, and prizes. More on this soon.

We've seen so much support that I am going to make good on my dangled offer of posting for the first time ever on this blog a very early Vegas trip report from 1997, with photos. 

We are three weeks out from our potential departure to Florida, but there are so many details to work out still. I'm scared creditless, but I've got to do my best for the Quad Queen.

We are starting to think of it like a moon mission, with the 84 Tercel as the capsule. We will definitely miss the Autotrain, but given Karen's current condition, it's really not something that could work.

If you want to support the Quad Queen's fight against ALS, you can do it right here on the ko-fi or paypal links (US bucks, no fees to us) or on the gofundme (CAD bucks, 2.9% skimmed right off the top but worth it).

Here's the latest from Divana!

Hello, all my lovelies! It's Divana, freshly back from puppy yoga (I've tried it with the six white long-hairs, but thus far, they are quite uncooperative.) After an hour-long bubble bath, a refreshing glass of bubbly, and dressed head-to-toe in pink, I feel restored enough to post you an update.

And today, it's all about carpe diem. That's Latin for "creative ways to carve fish for dinner parties" - or at least, so I thought. The scholars and translators could be wrong, but they say it means "seize the day." Royal was sure it had something to do with cheap fish.

Whatever, Royal.

Well, seize the day, we did. Big mooshy kisses from Divana the Divine to all of you who jumped on Bobby G's fabulous livestream fundraiser for the QQ and ponied up more than $2500 in two hours! There was laughter, there were tears, there were prizes. Oh, 'twas fun.

If you missed it, do not despair, my sweet, mon petit chou. The wonderful Vegas Bebe is hosting another fundraiser for QQ on October 12. Another opportunity to see Royal Flusher himself, unveiled. (I'm sure you had no idea he occasionally wears a veil - something to do with QQ's "let's play wedding" fetish.)

Here's a link to Vegas Bebe's Oct. 12 fundraiser - great prizes and lots of livestream antics. 'Twill be fun!

You'll support the Quad Queen, won't you reader.

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