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Saturday, October 21, 2023

At it and To it and To it and At it

We'd had such an amazing experience with FirstLight in both Scranton and Charlotte, that I could scarcely believe the manager of the Brunswick area franchise would have left us high and dry.

But with multiple calls, and zero, no, none info coming back, I had to assume the worst.

We'd been abandoned, and the next 24 hours were up to me and me alone. And I was spent.

I thought about pile-driving it on to Florida, but Divana wouldn't arrive there until tomorrow, and I was desperately in need of sleep - I'd likely fall under the spell behind the wheel.

There was nothing but to get at it and to it and to it and at it and that's what I did.

It was a battle all evening long to get everything done, including sandwiches for 'dinner'. Again.

I don't want to sound like I'm whining, but I'm whining. This experience has tested me to depths I've never faced before.

Getting the Quad Queen into her dreamland perch for the night meant hefting her butt across the bed to get her into position. By the time it was lights out, I lay on my bed in a full sweat. But, thank goodness I had a deep, uninterrupted sleep.

The morning brought the morning chores and the only thing driving me was the thought that we would arrive in Florida if I could keep it together.

The car was parked on a slight slope and it made getting Karen into her seat doubly difficult. Because gravity. I gave it everything I had and didn't get her positioned very well, in spite of multiple attempts. She was ready to put up with it and tough it out.

By the time I had everything humped down to the car and jammed in, I was in rough shape. As I crept through the parking lot, Karen asked me where we were going and I said, "I don't exactly know."

And I lost it. Had to stop. The tears and sobs came in torrents, weeks of stress and strain bursting out, unstoppable.

The last leg of the trip was okay, but the Quad Queen was in considerable discomfort. A neighbor once remarked that she was the toughest woman he'd ever seen, and she's proven it time and time again.

The road held only a few delights. A rolling hot dog display at a Love's truck stop. Florida's Sweet Water Melons. And of course, the sighting of the "Big Daddy" Don Garlits Drag Racing Museum on I-77, which we passed by yet again without stopping. Someday.

Around 5:30, we hit the entrance to the Greacey Palms Senior Putt Putt Trailer Park.

We'd made it! We'd done it! With the help, love, and support of so many, Karen's dream of getting back to our snowbird get-away had come to pass.

Divana was there to greet us and the lift the park ramp volunteers had installed worked like a charm.

Resting up the day after arrival.

Publix fried chicken - oh hell yeah.

I guess there is one thing left to say - a humble nod to Karen's fella, the guy who really made all this possible, the one that is second to nobody and the fastest driver on the interstate - and that's "Big Daddy" Don Garlits, of course.

With all this behind us, I'm proud that we can say we are living on our terms, and not on ALS' terms. We're not giving up. We got at it and to it and to it and at it. We made it. May the sunshine warm our hearts, and yours too.

A girl from ol' spud island
Old potatoe lips
She married a Newfoundlander
And they lived on fish & chips

But they were at it and to it and to it and at it
You gotta tune your attitude in
If ya don't get at it when ya get to it
You won't get to it to get at it again
You won't get to it to get at it again


    1. After some time of not having seen a Vegas blog from you guys, I ran across all of this years' blogs, from the last trip to arrival in Florida. You both seem wonderful and you are an excellent writer. I will miss your Vegas blogs, I go 4 times a year and always enjoyed , and learned some things, from your experiences. I wish you peace and all the luck you don't always get in Vegas.

    2. WOW, I'm exhausted just reading this, and so pissed off that they left you hanging! But we do what we must, and just glad that you made it. Hopefully you can relax, at least comparatively. BTW - If you ever decide to circle back to the Garlitz museum, I recommend doing so on a weekend. The road off the exit is under construction, and it's less of a cluster on Sat/Sun. If you ping me, I'll treat to lunch at the Cracker Barrell nearby!


    3. Eric, may you and Karen have the BEST winter, may her health be impacted positively by meds and the sun!! Sending you both the biggest hugs.

    4. Very well-written post, and I'm extremely inspired by both you and the QQ. We all go through it in varying degrees, but the sharing of the ups and downs of your adventures has helped me put some things in my life in proper perspective. Please continue to share with us if it helps - your writing would seem to indicate that having this outlet does help you.

      And, yes, Publix fried chicken is legit. Occasionally you'll get a batch that's a bit too salty, but 9 times out of 10 it's way better than Bojangles, KFC, or any other chicken shack and WAY cheaper.


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