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Sunday, October 15, 2023

Fear, Gratitude, Adventure

L to R Mrs. G, Bobby G., Vegas Bebe, and Keno Kid, resplendent in their Royal Flusher Savvy 4 Life casino-wear.

Two years ago, I remarked to the Quad Queen that I was sad because we'd had our last big adventure together in life - buying a mobile home in Florida off Youtube during the pandemic. We drove down that first season to see what we'd bought, exactly.

Call it some kind of weird karma, but we are on an even bigger adventure - getting my quadriplegic partner out of the house in Flusherville, Canada and back down to Florida, away from the cold, away from the wind, away from the darkness and into the light.

The preparation for this trip has been monumental. I can say without reservation that I've never worked this hard, and never been so challenged in all my life.

There are so many people that have made this possible. Family. Friends. The 217 donors to date that have been so incredibly generous.

BTW, the last 2 weeks, we've privately hired Erin to take some of the load off me. She's a great fit with us and she's done five or six 4 hour stints to help us out - your donations have made this possible. 

People on the internet who have read the blog for years and offer support, well wishes, prayers, and even offer to meet us in Florida, lay in groceries, or do whatever needs doing.

And people who have given, and given, and given time and time again, like Casey and Carol and Lenny. There are many more out there, too many to name.

I guess this ole blog has meant more to people than I ever thought.

And there are people that have taken direct action, planned fundraisers, made shirts - supporting us through their love, words and deeds.

Meanwhile, ALS is a never ending series of problems to be solved, and mountains to be scaled. Another kind of adventure.

To sleep, the Quad Queen lays on a foam wedge, with another couple of pillows under her legs, and another under her knees. To drink, I found a sports bladder with a valve that you bite to open. As she sleeps, her mouth tends to open and she gets very dry.

We experimented with a converted surgical mask under her chin. That worked okay until Seamus the Therapy Wonder Dog nabbed it off the nightstand on the last visit, and started chewing.

We needed something stretchy but soft, and tried the obvious thing. A pair of granny-panties.

I think it's best that this didn't work out.

Tomorrow morning, we will try to leave the safety of Flusherville and head out on our first leg on the trip to the Greacey Palms Senior Putt Putt Mobile Home Park.

I'll try to keep you updated as we go, but caring for Karen full time while travelling is bound to keep me busy.

Keep us in your thoughts as we head out on this adventure.


    1. I'm guessing that you already tried an Ace elastic bandage? But the Granny Panties cracked me up. Safe Travels!!

    2. Travel safely, and take your time! Don't forget to take some time for yourself - you're no good to Karen if you're exhausted, and that's when mistakes happen. A day of downtime can make a huge difference - believe me, I know.


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