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Thursday, December 28, 2023

Striking Almost Gold

Day 8 Part 2 Wednesday Dec 27, 2023 and after I made some good typey-typey for the blog, I sat for a bit, and then headed to the casino.

In the first minute, I almost struck gold, hitting a straight flush, one off the Royal.

I switched up to 50 cents and in 2 minutes, I was out. I had one more close call, but no, none, zero hands of note.

After that, I had the doom feeling return bigtime.

Have you ever been kind of off your game in Vegas, feeling down or whatever, and you just feel like you are going to lose? And you even play the same games you've played all trip, but it seems nothing will click?

That's how I lost $200 in 25 minutes. I felt I had to try but before I knew it I was back in the room, looking out the window.

I spent quite a bit of time there, bummed out that I'd lost, and lost so quickly, especially when the trip had gone so well.

Thinking about things, I ended up blowing off some emotional steam, tuning in again to how much I missed my wife. And I think that was at the heart of the malaise I've been feeling throughout the day. It's certainly understandable.

After a few hours, I felt better, and thought, well, I'm here, I don't know when I'll be back, I might as well try again. I took $200 and promised myself to play Keno and only Keno, taking my time, and enjoying a few cocktails.

And that's what I did, over at Encore. I hit 4 out of 5 a bunch of times, and played for 2 hours, but I never did connect.

I played on the bank of machines where, I believe, the Quad Queen and I had our last ever winning session together, where we both cashed out for $500.

I hadn't eaten dinner, so I picked up a $15 chicken salad sandwich at Cafe Theodore or whatever it's called.

One more day in Vegas and I really don't want to lose much more money, it would seem a waste to have gone this far almost even. Stay with me, and we'll find out what happens.

And I still have that long-running Keno ticket from the D, on which I've hit 4 out of 5 about seven times. Each of those pays a wopping $1.50, instead of $200 for 5 out of 5. Where's that fifth number??!

Day -$400 Trip -$410 <-- astounding

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