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Wednesday, December 27, 2023

The Toughest Sausage

Day 8 Part 1 Wednesday Dec 27, 2023 and I've done so well this trip, I'm almost afraid to play and lose a bunch in the last 2 days!

I enjoyed Terrace Pointe Cafe so much for breakfast that I planned a return engagement this morning. The food was great and the service was wonderful.

Well, not to harp on it, but today's experience sucked. The food wasn't great and the service was awful. When I mentioned that the sausages were really tough, the server told me first that it's because they have natural casings (no, I had them yesterday and they were fine), and then that some customers complain if it seems they are under cooked. I told her, no, it's that they were cooked hours ago. She never uttered any phrases like "I'm so sorry". 

The other problem was that not one staff member came around to face me. Everything was done over one shoulder or another. I still don't know what my server looked like.

Here's the sausage fork test.

Still not pierced.

It's not like me to abuse my sausage, but what was I to do?

Leaving the restaurant, I was fuming and furious and disappointed that I didn't get the experience that I should have at Wynn, and it was a shame, because I was in a super good mood when I woke up after a good sleep. And I don't often wake up happy these days.

Maybe part of what bothered me was that if Karen was here the staff would have stood at the side of the table to address us both. It just seemed like I was an afterthought and not worth addressing face to face. Probably TMI.

I really don't want to go through life being angry at stupid, small people, or stupid small things. So I tried to walk it off by going to the parking garage to fetch my stupid reading glasses.

And that's the last I'll have to say about this, or my tough sausage. Putting the sausage away.

The sausage is put away.

All zipped up and out of sight, out of mind.

So, I'd hatched a plan to get out in the car and pick up some freeplay.

Let me say that getting in and out of the Mirage parking structure was easy, now that I've done it already. Getting in and out of the Cosmopolitan parking bargain basement was a frigging nightmare and nothing could be worse.

Getting in and out of the Fontainebleau was an even worse frigging nightmare than the Cosmopolitan parking bargain basement nightmare which could not be worse, except it was, an order of fucking magnitude worse. Avoid, avoid, avoid.

Anyway, over to Mirage, where I played dollar Jacks. Out of $50 freeplay, I cashed out $60 plus my $20 buy-in. Profit, $60.

I was in and out in 15 minutes. On to the Cosmopolitan.

I'd put in $20 and cashed out $50 from my $25 freeplay, so $30 profit there.

I was up $90 on the day. An easy win!

Next it was on to, finally, at long last, Fontainebleau.

I was underimpressed. The parking situation is indeed very confusing. The signage is weak to show you how to get to the casino. Same thing getting out again to find the parking garage.

The place is beautiful but a lot of it (the shops and restaurants upstairs) is unfinished. They were still working on all kinds of things in the casino area.

It's filled with lousy video poker (very little of it) and a sea of the same confusing penny slots that every place has.

The self signup for the slot club doesn't work, and the line was too long. Showing incredible savvy about the way things work for us high rollers, I got signed up in the high limit area.

I played a little. Some Buffffalo!!!! Some VP. Some keno. A video slot of some ilk filled with vaguely mysterious Chinese gurus and dragons and ballet dancers and God knows what.

Those new games, they confuse me. I played $20 and without realizing it I was doing $5 a spin. I lost.

Altogether, I donated $70 there.

The restaurants and food court are pretty nice.

And then I left. Beautiful, but there wasn't much of a vibe that I could get into. I don't remember hearing any music. And the place was pretty quiet. I wonder if it would be better with more people? I dunno, I guess that's why I'm not a casino executive. I can't put my finger on why it didn't grab me.

Lunch? Robertos.

I probably could have chosen a better entree but they sort of baffle me.

Like, I didn't know these tacos would be deep fried and crunchy. I need more work on my Mexican food.

I worked my way back to Wynn, parked, remembered the glasses this time, and hung around the room writing the blog and watching my keno ticket fail game after game.

I still feel 'off' today, maybe it's the clouds that came in. Maybe I'm depressed or something. I just don't feel like it today.

Maybe it's just time to go back to Florida?

Regardless, I headed to the casino, since at this point, I'd only gambled for like 20 minutes. Blasphemy!

By the way, I saw a shop called "MR FRIES MAN" and it seemed redundant and awesome and silly.

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