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Sunday, May 19, 2024

Steak and Eggs Hold the Steak

Day 8 Tue Dec. 9, 1997

Our last full day in Vegas. 25 cent VP in our quiet area at Luxor. K did well with four 2s and a series of wins. Ended up up $75.00. A great start.

Cab to Mirage. Saw no rats.

Played the usual there and then over to TI. No luck on the dollar VP at all. It just drained away. Had some luck on nickel doubling, winning 500 nickels or so. Then time for another free lunch at the Lookout Cafe.

Polishing off the traditional custom-made butterscotch sundae with added chocolate brownie - The Dessert.

Their slot club just keeps comping us meals! We got more cash back as well - $15.00.

Collecting those coins on top of the machine... so much fun!

"Invested" $100 at dollar VP - couldn't get anything going at all. Maybe our heads were already on the plane home, because we lost at everything. More nickel VP at Mirage but no Royal this time. I lost a quick $10.00 at roulette there.

Back at Luxor I had an amazing run on quarter VP. One $10.00 in, I played 132 hands. On the second $10.00 in I played164 hands. However, I didn't hit any significant wins. Karen had two 4-of-a-kinds and a win streak to get $50.00 back.

Ate dinner at the Pyramid - Steak and eggs are $2.99 after 11:00. I had that, hold the steak (its not very good - I think they 'whipped up a winner' if you get my drift.)

K had the reliable club sandwich. Jammed all our winnings back into quarter VP but couldn't get the win we were looking for.

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    1. Wow, those pictures of the old VP machines are great. They don't make 'em like that anymore! Love the CRT burn-in of the cards, also!


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