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Friday, June 7, 2024

Have fun! WIN!

Day 1 Part 2 Tues May 28, 2024 

I was in that weird state where I was super tired, needed to eat something, but completely bamboozled about where to go or what to consume. I thought I'd play a bit in the casino and then get some supplies.

I noted that a diet Pepsi from the machine in the hall was $3.00 for the 20oz size. Not too bad, I thought.

The casino was nice, not terribly busy, but happening. I traded $20 at the cage for 20 singles, for tipping, and wandered around.

The Chef truck from the Jon Favreau movie seemed like a possible option for a meal.

I found myself heading through Eataly and right through the front door. I knew there was a CVS nearby. 

There was, and I wandered through, and found a single diet Pepsi was $3.39! But the six pack was just shy of $8. CVS for the soda win.

Ever get so hungry you look over 100 sandwiches and can't decide and end up leaving CVS with just a six pack of diet Pepsi?

Earl has competition.
I had to haul the pop back up to the room.

Pay attention here, savvy Flusher traveler tip. At CVS, I got an extra bag with my purchase (self check-out). On the way to the room, I stopped at the ice machine and put enough in the bag to fill the ice bucket. Done.

Time to put the vodka to the test. Not bad, not bad. It's called No. 5 or something. Made from grass clippings, I think. I had a couple and tried to figure out what to do.

I was craving a double cheeseburger from McDonald's for some reason. While on the strip, I'd turned around just shy of one.

There was a Shake Shack a 4 minute walk from me. Perfect. I headed out the porte cochon on my way to pigging out. And... I got lost. And my God it was hot out. I ended up using the NYNY parking structure elevator to get to a walkway to get me into NYNY. All of which was completely unnecessary. I could have just walked down the walkway outside. Oh well, I'd already pre-burned off the bacon burger I'd consume.

The $12 burger was... just okay. I've heard raves about Shake Shack's burgers, but my experience was blase. It hit the spot though. I thought the burger was actually kind of small, it was gone in about 6 bites.

Anyway, I finished, headed back through Eataly for the third time in an hour, and finally got to some gambling, at the bar.

I sat and sipped a cold Ultra and tried a few VP games. Broke the quad ice, so it was nice to have that out of the way.

Video poker ate $100 eventually, and video keno ate another $100. It lasted much longer, and I had a number of 4 out of 5s, but never got the 5 out of 5 kill shot I needed.

Down $200, I wandered and found BUFFFFALLLLLO!!!!!! and within a minute it gave me a bonus round. Five minutes later it gave me a second one. I was getting lots of small wins to keep me in it, as well.

Then I got the kind of bonus round that this game is all about. Lots of buffalo heads, and lots of additional spins.

Man it was great!

When the bonus was over, I'd won back all my losses and $90 or so on top.

Did I cash out and go to bed? You better believe I did!

It was all of 8:00 pm, that's a really Vegas time to go to bed, right?

All in all it was a great first day. I had a little help from the past, I think, a note Karen had snuck into my stuff on a previous trip. 

I crashed hard and slept pretty well until 4:44 am. Day 2 beckoned.

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