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Savvy Donations

It takes more than a pantload of well-organized bits and bytes to run Royal Flusher Vegas. It takes Jimmy Poon's skill, and (unknown to him) occasional access to one of his credit cards.

Not only that, sometime I have to pony up for replacement hardware, like a new (ok, pre-viewed) monochrome monitor so he can keep the back end electro-computer magic running. I don't pretend to understand all this, and that's why keeping Jimmy Poon happy is important.

2019 Lucky Donor $$$ Savvy Use
T.K.$100Secret Super Spy Karma Donation - for Gambling and Drinking only!
E.S.$21Emergency Spy Who Felted Me bankroll money. Believe me, I'll need it!
Between Bankrolls$21Covert blackjack observations during The Spy Who Felted Me. Because 21.
L.M.$20Unspecified. Will be used to improve the website experience for all users - or as fodder for high volatility degenerate casino action for the next trip report.
R.J.$20Send Jimmy Poon to Coding Camp Fund
- used for high stakes Buffalo play
tje$20Towards a suitably volatile game of your choice :) SROP optional. - used for high stakes Buffalo play
Bobby G.$30These funds to be strictly used on degenerate gaming, booze, drugs, hookers or something with CTUG. Good luck out there. - used for high stakes Buffalo play
G.W.$20Vegas Gambling Supplies (bourbon)
Between Bankrolls$20Pegged for serious parlaying on Apollo Yo-Leven- used for high stakes Buffalo play
David H.$10Wishing for Royals. (Got none.)
Steven P.$20For bailing out of a low-bankroll situation
K.L.$40Karma for his Keno Jackpot
John B.$50Ongoing domain names bill at GoDaddy
Pete B (& SG & BG)$100Jimmy Poon's monochrome monitor replacement fund
David H.$10Country throw-up gravy breakfast
Steven F.$50Jimmy Poon says 'mouse batteries'. I'm not so sure.
P.E.$20For general good luck.
Thomas H.$20Overpriced Wynn Internet for blogging live
Casey$100Half Keno tickets, and half smart gambling
Tim W.$10General degeneracy at the El Cortez
McGoo$25"Do whatever the hell you want with this money! "
Bobby G.$20Chased DDB bartop progressive.

My huge, huge thanks go out to you amazing supporters. You are all honorary residents of Flusherville, and honorary employees of Royal Canadian Veeblefetzer, helping Jimmy Poon, Jackie Moosereiner, Kenny Blankenship and of course, the Quad Queen, crank out the size 7 grommets - while I'm in Las Vegas!

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  1. You are welcome Flusher! The reports are worth every penny!


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