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Las Vegas the Royal Flusher Way!

Welcome to the home of live Las Vegas trip reports! If you love travelling to Las Vegas, and gambling (and in particular, video poker) like I do, you're in the right place. When I'm in town, I blog what happens. It may be good. It may be bad. It may be degenerate. But it'll be fun. That much I can promise.

Did I say live? This is the newest one and it is being posted... after the fact. The clickbait part of me says 'You won't believe what happens when Kenny Blankenship decides to join me in Las Vegas! And LuLU too!'. Well, actually, it was pretty unexpected and unbelievable. Particularly the incident at the Las Vegas strip location of Tacos El Gordo - but I'm getting ahead of myself. Dive right in to the trip report!

Kenny And LuLU Trip Report

Did I say live? This is the second newest one and it was posted... after the fact. Even though I know what happens... you don't. So dig in and enjoy!

Royal Flusher's Nifty Fifty Las Vegas Trip Report

At New Years I had what turned into the most extreme trip I've ever had. The gory details are here:

The Spirit of Savvy Trip Report

Check out my review of Linda Boyd's video poker book, The Video Poker Edge.

Last fall's trip report was a beauty - the mystical, magical 20th anniversary of my first trip to Vegas:

Royal Flusher's 20th Anniversary Cheapstravaganza Blue Moon Vegas Trip

Want to know how to unlock the mysteries of casino comps and be a cheap bastard like me? (Also known as getting the biggest bang for your gambling buck...) Here are some top-secret ultra savvy tips I put together while planning the last major trip to Vegas.

How to Stay Free in Las Vegas - the Royal Flusher Way

And for a blast from the past, how about this nice 2010 report which features FREE MEAT. Yes, there was a time when you could win seared mammal flesh just by playing the right video poker machine in downtown Las Vegas.

I give you Royal Flusher's Oooh Las Vegas Trip Report

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  1. When is your next trip coming up, Will be there sept 6-11.


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