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No Kickers Trip Report

October in Las Vegas! Gambling! Costumes! Painted Ladies and a Bottle of Wine! Yes, it's all here in the latest Royal Flusher Las Vegas Degenerate Savvy Trip Report.

As my recording states, "It was a great day, and a great trip, the most successful trip we've ever had in every respect. Great fun, most winning dollarses, most royals, by far the record... we did it. We beat them. We beat them fair and square, we beat the crap out of them. We got the money, we got the goods, we got all the shit, they gave us the shit for free. Act like you don't need the shit and they give you the shit for free." I think most of a bottle of champagne was in effect, there.


  1. A royal in dollars, no less ~ and I've never seen so many scratch-offs at one time! Can't wait to read this one!

  2. Nice pics!
    Hol Calif


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