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Friday, July 22, 2011

Mrs. Flushers Revenge

Mrs. Flusher has left Flusherville Regional Aerodrome in the Ditchcraft Aerospeciale Super 13 Rubboprop (stretch version) for Toronto's Pearson International Airport.

And she's on her way to Vegas.

And I ain't going.

No, really, I ain't. I'm so ain't I'm not even maybe ain't going. For real.

Because she is taking the MotherFlusher-in-law to Vegas with her.

The MotherFlusher is a Vegas Virgin which sounds kind of creepy to me but whatever. We're actually pretty excited for her because she is a born card player and we think she'll take to the casino like a duck to sticky carpet, ashtrays and cocktail waitresses.

How can it be that I'm stuck back here?

I guess this is ultimate payback for the extra trip I have on The Quad Queen - that solo jaunt where I lived it up at the Westward Ho.

(See Vintage Vegas from 2002 - Vegas on $19 a Night.)

Updates to come on the mother daughter Vegas adventure, along with my special brand of charming cynicism, sniping and jealousy...

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