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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My Heart, Spade, Diamond and Club Will Go On

I put yesterday's troubles behind me, and got up about 5:30 or 6:00. Headed down to Starbucks and for some reason had quite the headache. It's the benzine in the vodka I think.

I decided to be Freddy again today, but otherwise, no goofing around.

Did some play on the Double Double Bonus, avoiding the machine which was the scene of last night's cross-eyed crime. Hit a couple of quads to keep me going, and finally got hungry.

I decided to go for the $32 All Day Buffet Pass which consists of a wristband, like the ones they put on you when you are admitted to hospital. I hope the resemblance ends there.

Buffets are a good choice when travelling solo. I'm always careful to follow all the buffet best practices, including plating my hot and cold foods in the right order. Like Peter Lik's work, building a plate full of buffet food is a visual art.

I went for an omelette, always a safe choice at the buffet. You get it the way you want, you get it freshly made, and you get it hot.

Had another bash at Double Double Bonus and the oddest thing happened. I was playing away, minding my own business, playing it down, thinking, well, when this is gone, I'll get moving, and I got down to the last 5 credits.

Held 3 cards and got a quad. Okay, great, play some more. Down to my last 5 credits.

Hit deal, and was dealt a four of a kind. Okay, fine, play away.

Playing it down after a while, getting down there, thinking, okay, when this is done, I really will get moving. Final 5 credits, hold three eights, and get another quad.

Cashed out some money and I was up $100 on the day. And my head was still throbbing.

It was another beautiful day, so I went on walkabout, first to the full pay no points machines at New York New York (lost), and then over to MGM Grand, to the holy grail, the Lion's Share 2.2 Million Dollar machine. Someone was just cashing out when I got there and I decided to put $60 in and play it out. I wanted to put in an amount divisible by three so I wouldn't risk accidentally playing less than max coin at the end. I sipped a cold one and went at it.

I got some seriously good play out of this, almost half an hour, and racked up 500 or so MILF points. Biggest win was $60, and I got as high as $127 in the machine. Did I consider cashing out? Briefly. But then I thought of the $2.2 Million Dollar prize. And if I got 3 lions not on the center line, that nets $10K.

Anyway, the Lion's Share is still up for grabs.

Once I was done playing, I found the attendant and asked her some questions about it. She's been with MGM Grand since day one and remembered the Lion's Share machines being in banks. I told her there is a shot of them in Vegas Vacation and a sign indicating that it had hit.

"Oh yes, it has hit before, many times. Its just that now there is only one machine, it takes a lot longer. And it has hit on that machine without full coin in. And many times it has hit for $10,000."

So, kids, it is possible to hit the Lion's Share progressive - the 3 symbols have come up on it with people not playing full coin in. I don't have to tell you what the lesson is here.

I asked her about the rumor that the winner gets to keep the machine and she hadn't heard of it. I also told her that we are talking it up on the internet to keep her busy all day doing hand pays.

Walkabout continued at Sigma Derby, which sadly, was all full. I guess that is a good thing, hopefully it stays around for years. The Lions in the lion display were not so lucky.

I would be careful which meat I chose at the buffet in the MGM for the next few weeks.

I strolled over to Tropicoconutacana where the fake scent wafts outside even, almost like Chippy (our Great Dane / Chihuahua cross) marking her territory. With coconut water. Some slot or other netted me $50 on a $20 buy-in, so I cashed that and headed outside.

It was too nice not to be out in the sunshine, so I walked the sidewalk to Luxor, made my way past the Egyption Sphinxter, and into the Majesty of the Great Pyramid (with Carrot Top inside).

In the lobby was a display of the ship Titanic, which was about 15 feet long. A few of us were gazing upon her lines with admiration and I couldn't help but remark:

"I thought Titanic was much bigger than this."

I peeked in a tiny porthole to see if there was a tiny model 1912 car with steamy windows from someone getting veeblefetzered in there.

Inspired, I headed upstairs and got an admission to the exhibit on my MILF points.

The displays of actual Titanic artifacts and information given was quite something. I enjoyed it (if that's the right word) thoroughly. I have to admit, I'm troubled a bit by making money off of a tragedy like that but I did go through it, didn't I.

I did not, however, buy a pea sized piece of genuine coal recovered from Titanic for $25. I can't imagine how I would ever get it lit.

I had lunch at the Luxor buffet and spent some time reminiscing with the hostess, who had been at Luxor since day one. There was indeed an arena where the buffet now is, with a show in it with horses and elephants and stuff. And there is indeed a secret area below the buffet where the animals used to be housed. That area is now used for storage. It's probably where they keep the recently mined "Titanic" coal.

Found a progressive with a decent amount on the Royal Flush - over $2000. Not bad for a quarter play. I hammered away on it for an hour or an hour and a half but couldn't bring it down.

My notes say "Room. Blog. Keno. 20 -> 4".

And then dinner at the Excalibur buffet, where I was now being recognized as a 'regular'.

And that's all she wrote for this day. Headache finally gone, liver somewhat recovered, I had, again, a winning day, ending up with $70 more than I started with. On the trip, I'm now up $371 Revenge Dollars.


    1. So how come you didn't work the "Peter Lik" name into the "Art Babe" adventure ... either in fantasy or reality. I was disappointed. It was also very accurate for you to note the Mexicans were saying "humor" instead of "humour."

      Thanks for the laughs!

      1. "Anonymous", I really don't want to jeopardize a possible 2-4% discount on future purchases of Peter Lik artworks (which the Chic Art Dealer Babe has suggested might be a possibility) by sullying her name and talking about crudities like Peter Lik, mounting, opening of apertures, depth of feel, wide angles, and the like.

        (Believe it or not, that one totally got by me. Probably a first.)


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