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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Lazarus Update

Note: This was a short, live post while in Vegas. The whole, proper Hallowynn trip report starts with Off to Pork Vegas -or- Panic at 33,000 Feet.

Here's the latest from the lovely California Casino and Hotel, where the Island Senior Girlfriends are a-plenty.

The idea that I could blog from my phone is proving unmanageable.

There used to be a Blogger app - I still have it - but its discontinued. Every time I try to use it, it crashes. Maybe that's why.

The Gooble people say to use the regular Gooble Blogger web interface instead. On your teeny piPhone screen. I tried it. It made me weep with frustration.

They also said you can post by sending an email to your blog. I tried that too. The results are unsatisfactory when images are involved.

So I apologize for the previous two posts' suckitude factor!

Now, back to the little comeback experiment.

I played the quad money on 50 cent Bonus, but eventually went out.

I was getting a tad antsy, so I put another twenty in and kept the denom at 50 cents. Because degenerate.
Awesome, hit deuces. Next I parlayed up to dollars. Played for a little while and - bam!
This was looking good. I figured one more might be coming and ten hands or so later it did.
Because I always tell both the good and the bad, I'll admit that I kept playing a little too long, hoping for the third quad on dollars.

I didn't play it all back for once, and cashed out $180. A winning session!!! I'd put in $80 and cashed $100 profit. And that's one way of clawing back some losses.

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