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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Love The Loose Doose

Note: This was a short, live post while in Vegas. The whole, proper Hallowynn trip report starts with Off to Pork Vegas -or- Panic at 33,000 Feet.

Lappert's makes pretty amazing banana splits, apparently.

I was waiting for my coffee and someone had ordered one. They took a banana and in a surprise move, split it. A huge scoop of ice cream went on. I'm talking the size of Mike Tyson's fist. Then another. Then another!

The guy behind me in line and I started talking about it.
"Hope you are getting lots of spoons for us."

"Someone's going to have one hell of an ice cream headache."

All the usual stuff went on top. Whipped cream. Cherries. Nuts. Sprinkles. Freshly polished nickels. I managed to snap an action shot which somewhat shows the boat.

Over at Main Street, the Quad Queen had had a pretty long session of multiplay. I'd taken a break and joined her over there.

"What to do?..." she asked.

It just popped into my head. "The Loose Doose!"

Which I rarely hit. But the Quad Queen is uncanny at getting deuces.

We sat down and I hadn't even gotten my money in the machine when she slapped my leg, hard.


Yup, her second hand.
Quad Queen hits for $625
I plugged along anyway, getting nothing and losing $80 until I gave up.

I should know better!

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