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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Playing at Main Street Station - or Ston

Note: This was a short, live post while in Vegas. The whole, proper Hallowynn trip report starts with Off to Pork Vegas -or- Panic at 33,000 Feet.

It's been cloudy and rainy here in Vegas since we arrived late Saturday night. But the clouds have been pushed out by the smog and the sun is shining as best it can.

It really is smoggy - I can barely see the mountains to the west.

Somehow breakfast got way-laid by video poker at Main Street Station.
Breakfast is served, Flusher style.

That's Crystal the barkeep back there.

We played some 9/6 Jacks at the bar and that was pretty good. I actually won some on that session. The main event so far though was a huge run on 10-play by the Quad Queen.

You want quads and scratch cards? We got 'em.
Meanwhile I was playing five play and some Super Times Pay Double Double Bonus.

This could have been really nice...
 But it sucked out.
The Quad Queen did measurably better than I did in this session:

That's it for now - I'm off to await the arrival of the Jameson Girls whatever that is. Honestly? How bad could it be! (I wonder if they are the same as the Heineken Girls I met once...)
Greetings from Main Street Ston.

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