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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Named! The Royal Flusher Long Playing Trip

Yup. The upcoming trip will be the Long Playing Trip.

The budget is split evenly in thirds - 33 1/3 % for each of blackjack, craps, and video poker / slots.

This trip is going to break all kinds of records. And hopefully, there will be a new kind of fun for you to enjoy.

Jimmy Poon has been working really hard in his garage on something new for this report, with endless programming, hammering, debugging, and sawing. What he's creating is simply astounding - a new way of monitoring my progress in Las Vegas - that is, if it works.

Well, see for yourself. Behold the Poon-o-Matic gauges.

It's either going to be great, or an amazing flop!

Aw heck, why not. Here's the LP Trip Report Page with Poon-o-Matic gauges.


    1. The Poon-o-Matic gauges - hell of an idea. I wonder if another gauge is needed indicating adult beverage consumption? Could be handy to correlate win/losses with beverage consumption? Godspeed royal. May the winds of royal blow your way.

    2. Everything should be Poon-o-Matic.

    3. You dont need to post this but my experience with video poker hasnt been the best but Id say a boyd property is your best chance. Id say the suncoast for video poker. Sandwiches at the Game are pretty good. The philly and bbq burger are our favorites. Im having terrible losing sessions all over the place. Seems like the higher bets like 10 dollar and up are the only ones hitting anything. Good luck.


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