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Thursday, June 8, 2023

Everybody Was Kung Pao Fighting

Thursday Feb 16 - Day 3 part 2

I called the Quad Queen from the top of the Mirage parking structure.

It had been so long since I left the room, so I checked in and offered to pick her up pronto. But she asked me if I was hungry and I was - famished. And so, she said, you should go and eat as planned.

Fair enough.

Finally I found my way out of there and headed west on Spring Mountain Road to Chinatown.

There's a little hole in the wall greasy chop stick Szechuan place in there called the All Seasons Diner, where I had Kung Pao chicken in May 2022 - but couldn't taste it. Probably from Covid, even though I never tested positive.

And I tried again in December, only to find the place lined up out the door.

  • Sinko de Money

    06 May 2022

    Day 6 and I had a great night at Encore. Nice and quiet, great bed, short and sweet dreams of someone yelling "WATCH THE STICK!I'm kinda low on gas these days, not sure why, but the energy levels aren't as high.

  • Parking Vultures

    03 February 2023

    Day 6 - I woke early and could only think of one single, solitary, unary thing, pizza and also Chinese food.Thank goodness I was continuing to improve and felt I was over the worst of the COVID experience.Unfortunately, this morning, the Quad Queen was feeling shite, not illness, just shite.

Today, I would finish my quest for tasty Kung Pao chicken from the All Seasons Diner! It was an easy drive across on Spring Mountain, and I found a very good parking spot, very near the restaurant. First win of the day!

Lunch was the Kung Pao, and the strangest pot stickers I've ever got stuck with. They were good. And steamed rice of course.

Finally, I had the meal I'd been craving for, well years - since the start of the pandemic.

It was ok.

Next stop, Wynn. I coordinated with Mrs. Flusher on a pickup point and time. I was there, and so was she, and I turned the filthy Avismobile north, and then west, bound for our real plan of the day - Red Rock Hotel and Casino.

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